About Us


FurGrip is a project that has been in the works for a little while, and have finally been brought to fruition solely off the funding of the owner.

FurGrip is run by an ex-Army Veteran who was fed up of having to deal with pet hair all over his house and on his clothes!

Even when you wash your clothes, your pet hair is still stuck all over them! T-shirts, Jeans, Sweaters, Shirts, Bedding and everything else. You just can't get rid of it!

We all love our pets SO much, but we don't love their hair all over the house and on our clothes!

That is precisely why FurGrip was founded, to provide solutions to these common and incredibly annoying problems. 


FurGrip is also dedicating a percentage of profits to Charities dedicated to bringing Service Dogs into the lives of Veterans who are struggling with PTSD or other mental health issues.

The owner has personally served with many friends who are battling their hidden injuries and has seen the incredible impact that just having a friendly companion can help with their health.

Every purchase helps us to deliver on our promise, and to help impact the lives of our great Veterans. They served for us, now let us serve them.